Br. Rich Rides for the Lasallian Volunteer Program


Yes, my ride is now complete. About 20 riders arrived at Long Branch yesterday at approximately 4:30PM. This included national riders, regional riders like myself, and a couple of day riders who joined us yesterday at La Salle College High School.

Riding was a little crazy trying to get out of Philadelphia. There were lots of twists and turns, traffic lights, and even a few unfriendly motorists. So, New Jersey was a welcomed site. The reception at Long Branch was terrific! Friends and family gathered to recieve us and the beach was filled with sun worshippers who found our arrival curious. Each rider dipped his/her tires in the ocean and then we each took a plunge as well.  

We were then driven to the church next to the provincialate where we boarded our bikes one last time. Aproximately 100 or so people were cheering for us as we entered. Real cool! We then cleaned up and enjoyed a meal in the CBA cafeteria. Several riders had an opportunity to speak about their experiences and each rider was presented a comemorative plaque. A great evening!

I was looking so forward to this past week and can hardly believe it’s over. The 700 miles I rode prior to this ride was a life saver for me. I expected to walk my bike up hills and need to get in the support van at times. Thankfully, neither was necessary. I definitely held my own and I am proud of that!

Thanks to all who supported my ride financially and to those of you who supported me with thoughts, prayers, calls, and texts, before and during the ride. Your support was much appreciated.

Live Jesus in Our hearts……..FOREVER!

Lancaster It Is!

Yes, we arrived safe and sound in Lancaster, PA. The aunt of a rider is hosting us tonight in her beautiful home. Talk about hospitality!

Today was my favorite day thus far. The weather was nice and cool this morning when we left Chambersburg and the scenery was an awesome sight. Not to mention that the major hills are now behind us so today was an easier ride. We rode just under 78 miles and I arrived at our location with my partner at 3:15PM. It’s the earliest we’ve arrived at our destination since I’ve been part of the ride.

So departure tomorrow is at 7AM when we head to Philly and our host, LaSalle College High School.

Your prayers are working, yesterday and today were tremendous weather days!


Beautiful PA!


Well today was a day of great scenery. We biked 73 miles and experienced some intense hills but one couldn’t help notice the beautiful country side. The lead group found a great spot for lunch. It was an overlook that showcased PA’s beauty as I enjoyed my tuna fish sandwich.

Today Zach and myself served as sweep, which meant we were responsible for making sure that everyone was ahead of us. For most of the day, I was with 3 other riders. In the late afternoon, we got to a town called Richmond Furnance and spotted a sign for ice cream. Suprisingly, the lady who served us, had read about us in the Chambersburg, Public Opinion newspaper. Go figure! By the way, Moosetracks was delicious.

We are staying at a shelter in Chambersburg which is active in the winter months. It is called Marantha Ministries. We each have a bed and opportunity to shower. Very cool!

There is a line to use this computer so I’m going to sign off. We are set for a 77 mile trip into Lancaster tomorrow.

Continue to pray for cool weather!

Two Days Gone and Four to Go!


Yes, 153 miles are behind me and probably the worst of the hills. We stayed in Ohiopyle, PA. last night. We tented at a state park and woke to pouring rain at 4:30AM. It stopped around 8:30AM in time to ride. Unfortunately, the rain reappeared in the afternoon in isolated storms. So we got wet, no big deal!

All day Monday and Tuesday morning were spent on the Allegheny Passage which is an isolated bike trail.. Tuesday after lunch we took to the road and finished around 5:30PM -6:00PM. Monday the climb through the mountains the was gradual but Tuesday the hills were much tougher. Thank goodness for those rides around Elmira earlier in the summer! Monday was a 74 mile ride followed by 79 on Tuesday.

We are staying the night in Bedford PA. and will be heading for Chambersburg, PA in the morning with an 82 mile ride.

I’m riding with an enthusiastic group of young Lasallians. Good conversation and a few laughs along the way take the mind off the riding most of the time.

Long Branch, N.J. hear I come!!!

The time has arrived!


Well, I’m in Pittsburgh. I arrived Friday thanks to Br. Kevin Dalmasse who gave me a ride from LaSalle University. It has been relaxing so far.

After a 14 mile bike ride with Br. Ed Phelan I assisted Br. Chuck Huber in preparing yesterday’s dinner which was waiting for the riders when they arrived from Ohio around 5PM.

They experienced a challenging day of 89 miles as well as some bike trouble. So they were thrilled when a delicious dinner was waiting for them.

I attended 6:30AM Mass this morning and then assisted Br. Chuck in preparing breakfast which consisted of pancakes, bacon, suasages, and popeyes(a hole in a slice of bread with an egg cooked into it). Needless to say the Bronx boy never heard of a popeye!

About ten members of the group travelled to a very popular soup kitchen in the area. We assisted with food prep and then had an opportunity to serve the attendees. It was an excellent experience!

Then it was off to lunch at Primanti(?) Brothers for a traditional Pittsburgh sandwich. This is basically your choice of meat and cheese along with coleslaw and french fries between two slices of bread. Supprisingly, it was delicious.

As the afternoon continues, I’m relaxing, getting metally prepared to ride tomorrow. As you know the hills scare me. The last mile of tomorrow’s ride is a climb of 600 feet. Ouch!

Say a prayer for cool weather and safe travel.

I’m not sure what access I will have to post so I’ll see you when I see you.

Staitionary it is.


Yesterday’s 20 miles on the stationary bike might have been my limit. Glad it was at my disposal but have I mentioned…..BOOOOOOORING!

I think the next time I’m on the bike will be heading towards Long Branch on Monday. Hopefully, I’ll have the opportunity to enter a post each day of my ride.

See ya then.

My Bike’s Waiting in Pittsburgh.


So with my bicycle in Pittsburgh and me at LaSalle University, I headed to the stationary bike yesterday. 15 miles on the stationary bike equates to boring but it made for a decent workout.

See ya in Pittsburgh!

Last Training Ride!


Well, the DENA retreat begins today. So yesterday was my last opportunity to get out for a long ride.

My bike is already in Pittsburgh, so I made use of Robert Deary’s. Thanks, Bob!

I headed north on the Bronx River Trail to Kensico and then did something I’ve wanted to do for well over a year. I headed west to try and find the Saw Mill Pkway Bike Trail. Success! Actually it is accessed very easily from where I was, only about 5 miles. Very hilly to get there, but that of course was good practice for PA. next week. When I got to the trail I went north about 5 miles and then re-traced my steps. I thought of all the Brothers who are buried in Gate of Heaven Cemetery as I passed by there.

When all was said and done, I road about 65 miles by the time I got back to Castle Hill Ave.

This week I’ll try to ride the stationary bike a few times. Otherwise, bring on the LV’S Ride!

See ya on the road.

75 Miles!


Well, I attempted to beat the heat by starting the ride at 5:30AM. I biked around Manhattan and then back to the Bronx and up to Westchester (Kensico Dam). I was almost done with Manhattan when the sun came up and the trail through Westchester is tree lined for the most part. So I did a good job a beating the extreme heat of the day.

Now, I just have to do this type of a ride 6 days in a row in two weeks. No problem! LOL! 

Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan & Back to the Bronx for 53.


A very hot day but I survived. Decided that this wasn’t the best day for 80. Maybe later in the week.

It’s always cool to bike across the Brooklyn Bridge!